LMCD Conservation Happenings, 2012-2013

Newsletter LMCD

Our administrator, Donna Pedrazzi, provides a quarterly newsletter for people with an interest in conservation. Presently it is mailed, but we will be providing an electronic newsletter and an email list this coming year.

Water Well Testing

LMCD will be offering ground water well testing to Musselshell and Golden Valley county producers through CBMPA funding. This will help to establish base line data for future reference for these producers.

310 Permits

2011 was a busy year for our area because of the flooding. We processed 68 applications in 2011, and 39 in 2012. Much work on irrigation structures is still needed to return the producers to full irrigation capability.

Outdoor Classrom

Every May, LMCD organizes a day long field trip for 5th and 6th graders in all the schools in our two counties. The field trip is held in a different location each year, and 5 or 6 different sessions are offered, depending on location and session leaders. NRCS, Fish Wildlife & Parks, Dept. of Forestry, and local experts volunteer as leaders. Around 100 children are involved.

Fuel Mitigation Program

LMCD, in cooperation with BLM and Snowy Mountain Development Corp., has a program available where landowners can get cost-share assistance to make their living area fire-safe. Our forester will visit the site, write a job prescription, and the landowner will do the work, or have it done. Upon completion, the landowner will receive cost-share of 75% for up to 5 acres of land cleared.

Noxious Weed Program

Because of the 2011 flood, the river corridor has sprouted all kinds of noxious weeds. We are working to get a cost-share grant in place to help the producers with the continuous battle.

Montana Conservation Corps

LMCD is sponsoring an MCC member this year. David Stout is from Illinois, and will be working with producers on water quality testing, ground water well testing, and developing a new webiste for LMCD among other things. He is quite willing to tackle any job we can throw his way.

Water Quality Monitoring

LMCD has been testing water quality on Careless Creek for several years, and this year is going to expand testing to include several locations along the Musselshell River. salinity will be measured, as well as dissolved and suspended solids.

Conservation Tree Program

LMCD offers conservation grade trees for sale to encourage conservation practices. Trees are ordered by interested parties and delivered in early May.

Wildlife Escape Ramps

These simple devices are made by a local FFA club and sold through LMCD to promote safe husbandry practices.

Plantskydd Deer Repellent

We sell this useful product at the office for protection of plants from grazing deer and rabbits.

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