Wildfire – An ounce of prevention By Sandy Vongries

Dahl fire 1

My Grandfather was a child of the Victorian era, brought up by Victorians. His middle name was Albert, in memory of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s much beloved and recently deceased Prince Consort. Grandpa was a gentle man, a noted punster and dry humorist at family gatherings as well as the source of many old sayings one of which applies here. He would say “An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure”. Well, though an awful lot of situations can benefit from that approach, wildfire tops my list, specifically hazardous fuel mitigation. You may have heard or recall that the Award Winning and highly successful Hazardous Fuel Mitigation Program has been renewed, it is funded by the BLM through Snowy Mountain Development Corporation, and administered by the Lower Musselshell Conservation District. The program can help pay for removal of hazardous fuels from up to five acres surrounding structures in order to help protect those buildings from Wildfire. It is based on a matching grant — the grant pays 75% ($750 per project acre) , 25% ($250 per acre match) being the responsibility of the landowner based on a projected cost of the work, $1,000 per acre. The process works like this: 1. Landowners call me for an application, fill it out and submit it. When I receive the completed application I make an appointment for a site visit. The purpose of the visit is to mark out a treatment area, to agree on the nature of the work needed, and to take “before” photographs of the treatment area. 2. On reaching agreement to details of the project, the landowner signs a contract agreeing to the prescribed work, and the project completion date. 3. When the work is finished, the landowner notifies me and I visit the site again and take “after” photographs of the treatment. I submit those photos along with a certificate of completion. 4. When the Conservation District Board approves, payment is made directly to the landowner. That’s all there is to it. We are on the down side of the Fire Season and it has been a pretty good year. Conditions and the weather change, and no one can know what the future will bring. It is best to be prepared—put in the “ounce of prevention” by reducing hazardous fuels around your buildings. Give me a call or Email me and you can get the process started. Sandy Vongries 406 947 2169 or sandy@powervista.com

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